Grindology Box - Quarterly Plan
Grindology Box - Quarterly Plan
Grindology Box - Quarterly Plan

Grindology Box - Quarterly Plan

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The Grindology Box Quarterly Plan delivers straight to your doorstep every quarter and includes:

  • Two 12-ounce bags of Grindology Coffee
  • EXCLUSIVELY within the box
    • Limited edition matte black mug
    • Grindology Magazine - Current issue full of Founder-direct tactics and strategies to strengthen and grow your business
  • Free shipping throughout
  • Pause or cancel your membership at any time 

Our Q1 Coffee Lineup Includes:

Crash Pad is our signature house blend. What makes Crash Pad so unique are the subtle notes of brown sugar, hazelnut, and plum. With a blend of beans originating from Honduras and Brazil, the Crash Pad will quickly become your go-to brew. 

When starting a business, you need to know that something in your life is reliable. The Crash Pad can be just that for you.

Afterburner breaks all the rules! With over 2X the caffeine than a normal cup o’ joe, Afterburner was created specifically for the “…the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently…” (Steve Jobs). 

Afterburner is the fuel you need to obtain the goals you have. With flavors notes of brazil nut, grapefruit, and oak, this Central American blend is as bold as your dreams and ambitions.

What's In a Grindology Box

coffe bag-icon
Two Bags of Coffee

Roasted fresh and delivered straight to your doorstep. Each box will include a 12-ounce bag of our House Blend and a 12-ounce bag of a featured brew just for you. #rhymeintended

A Coffee Mug

You are wired differently than most and oftentimes that goes unnoticed. Well, not by us! Every shipment will include an exclusive mug that speaks to your awesomeness!

Look Inside
Tactical Manual

Grindology truly is more of a tactical manual than a magazine. Every page, of every issue, contains REAL tactics and strategies provided by REAL business builders, not journalists.

The Perks of Subscription

Every quarter Grindology brings you insider access to the coolest and most essential companies every entrepreneur needs to know about.

In our Q1 Box, one lucky member will find the

Free Access to the Inner Circle

Grindology subscribers that sign-up for our Annual Plan receive even more access to the founders who can help help change the trajectory of their business.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beautiful Content & Tasty Coffee

The first box has beautiful packaging, the magazine has so many nuggets of wisdom that I’ll be rereading it multiple times, and I get to enjoy great coffee while I do so.

Such a nice retreat to get in strategic state of mind and enjoy the afternoon.


The mug is super dope! The magazine is, arguably, the most helpful startup magazine I've ever read...and the coffee is super tasty! I'm a big fan!

Surpassed all expectations!

The quality of the product as a whole is remarkable and the individual products inside the box were equally impressive. The Grindology magazine is BY FAR the best magazine I’ve ever read through!