Leverage Video To Increase Sales

Video beats endless growth hacking

Startups And Creators Are Unlocking More Sales Growth With Video

Video is not new. But, in the world of business at least, there has been a dramatic shift in the video landscape.
That shift is a subtle one, but it’s vitally important to business growth. And this is it:
Video is no longer just the domain of marketers.

It is now the domain of every employee, from sales, to marketing, to customer success, and perhaps most importantly, business owners and founders.Personalized video is at the heart of this new dynamic.

Being able to send short personalized videos to stand out, drive action, and build real customer relationships, has become a necessity due to the overwhelming rise of impersonal sales and marketing automation tactics.

About the Author
Matt Barnett

The Founder and Papa Bear at one of Australia's fastest growing startups, Bonjoro. He lives in Sydney Australia, where his love of building great products is only surpassed by his total commitment to building great business culture.