How the Grindology Subscription Box works

At its core, Grindology is about delivering YOU the fuel needed to keep grinding! 

As part of this membership you will receive a quarterly shipment containing two (2) bags of uniquely crafted coffee specific for entrepreneurs, creators, makers, and founders. In that same box you will receive a mug that speaks to a common truth about the entrepreneurial journey, one that will only resonate with people like you and I. Lastly, within your quarterly box will contain our current issue of Grindology magazine that is chock full of REAL tactics and strategies from REAL business builders like you and I. This is not a magazine full of articles from journalists or self-proclaimed “thought leaders.” These are tactics that you can employ in your business IMMEDIATELY. Maybe we should call it a tactical manual because it is that powerful.

Aside from your quarterly shipment you will be able to purchase coffee refills without paying any shipping fees. In fact, shipping is waived across the entire site for all Grindology members.

If you sign-up for our Annual Membership then you will also receive full access to The Startup Story Inner Circle ($400 value). Within the Inner Circle you will have unlimited access to all video content from our founder network as well as invitations to unique opportunities that allow you to have your startup questions answered directly by those who have traveled where you are at this very moment.

TL;DR – With an Annual Membership you pay less and get more.

Purchasing an Annual Membership will save you 12% off the cost of four boxes at the Quarterly Membership rate. In addition to the savings, you will receive full access to The Startup Story Inner Circle ($400 value). Learn more

The Quarterly Membership will deliver the exact same box as the membership but for $49.99 (plus tax) at the time of each shipment.


We understand your skepticism though. FOMO is an overused sales tactic and one that frustrates us when it’s just a lie. If we were a venture-backed startup then I would doubt the validity of our “limited quantity” claim. But we’re not.

We are a bootstrapped startup and need to grow intentionally and that means we have to limit each quarter’s shipment, but that’s ok! This helps us to manage inventory, costs, and labor planning. As much as we would love to come out the gate shipping tens of thousands of boxes, we need to play it smart from the start.

If you’re a founder then I know you understand us because we are one and the same. #respect


Each box is an exclusive run. We do this because of the lessons we’ve learned from…you’ve guessed it…advice from founders who have built similar businesses.

Like we said, Grindology is about executing the lessons shared from those farther down the road than we are. We drink our own, we mean coffee!

Giving a Grindology Box as a gift

If you want to give Grindology as a gift and HAVE NO DESIRE to have your own membership then follow these steps:

1) Follow the subscription process
to purchase the Annual or
Quarterly Membership.

2) Ensure the shipping information
represents the address you
want the Q1 box to be delivered

Finalize your purchase

Send an email to with the subject “Christmas Gift”

In that email please include the email address you used to purchase as well as your order confirmation number

We will then coordinate getting you a VERY cool gift package to present to your recipient. (hint: it involves a wax seal and “Academy Award” style envelope)


If you would like to keep it all under one account simply place an order for your initial subscription and checkout using your shipping address.

You will then repeat the process again but this time, make sure to use the address for the person you are gifting it to.

NOTE: You must go through the entire checkout process for each subscription to ensure there is not mixup regarding shipping addresses.


Our first box will begin shipping the week of January 11, 2021.

Each quarterly box is developed with a limited quantity in mind so secure your Q1 box ASAP. We do this to help manage inventory and costs so that we can keep our focus on delivering MASSIVE value within the content of the magazine.

Again, another tip we received from founders FAR MORE successful than we are. We are no different than you are, that is why we cannot wait for you to experience the proven tactics and strategies shared within the Grindology magazine.

Note: If you want to give Grindology as a Christmas gift then look above for the Christmas gift FAQ.

We are committed to getting you your box as quickly as possible, however shipping may take slightly longer than normal due to COVID-19 safety protocols.
You will receive an email with tracking information when your box ships.

Returns and Cancellation

You need to cancel your subscription at least 30 days before your next payment is due.

For annual members this date is one year from your first purchase. For quarterly members this is every three months from the date of your first purchase.

To cancel or modify your subscription follow the directions below:

Log into your customer portal by clicking the unique Customer Portal link sent to you in your Subscription Activation email or by Logging into your customer account on the store's website.

Once you are in the Customer Portal, you will click the Manage Subscriptions link from the right-hand menu. If you no longer want to continue your subscription, click Cancel next to the subscription you would like to discontinue.

On the following page, you will be prompted to choose a cancellation reason. Select the cancellation reason that closely matches your reason for canceling. Click Cancel my subscription to complete cancellation.

Should you ever decide to rejoin the family you can simply log back in and select Re-activate.

All sales are final and we do not allow returns or substitutions of products.

We reserve the right to refuse or limit any orders and Memberships. We may refuse any cancellation requests for products and orders in our sole discretion. We reserve the right to provide substantially similar products to fulfill your order.

If you receive a damaged or incomplete order, please contact us at within 3 weeks of receiving your order. We may offer any refunds or replacements solely in our discretion.