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Starting a business is easy. Building a business is one of the hardest things you will ever attempt.

I know that truth all too well. I’m a serial entrepreneur with a cemetery full of failed startups that I could not build to the heights I had envisioned for each of them.
My name is James McKinney, I’m the founder of Grindology as well as the Creator & Host of The Startup Story podcast.

In fact, The Startup Story podcast came to reality because of my personal journey following my fourth failed startup attempt.

After failing that fourth time, I had a hard time believing that my failures were about my personal abilities, and not simply a gap in understanding and execution. I had to understand why some entrepreneurs were succeeding and why I wasn’t.

With over 100 episodes and thousands of hours of interviews with massively successful founders, I started hearing tactics and strategies that weren’t commonly found by simply googling.

Apparently, the self-proclaimed “thought leaders” that you find online weren’t actually the experts. It turns out that those who were executing and building real businesses are the experts.

Grindology Founder James McKinney

Entrepreneurs like Ben Chestnut of Mailchimp, Christina Stembel, of Farmgirl Flowers, and Steve Jurvetson of Tesla & SpaceX are the ones we need to be listening to for guidance.

But how do we get access to that level of Entrepreneurial mentorship?

The answer to that question is why I created The Startup Story and now Grindology. To give you the access to founders that you simply would not have access to otherwise. 

The Startup Story Podcast

Grindology is a brand centered on providing you with the fuel you need to pursue your most ambitious venture. From our uniquely crafted coffees that will provide a little extra boost to your day and to give you the fuel to process and implement all the value that is contained in the accompanying Grindology magazine.

Each issue of Grindology magazine is packed, cover-to-cover, with real tactics and strategies DIRECT from highly successful entrepreneurs. Every single tactic shared within the pages of Grindology was employed and proven within the business of the contributing founder/brand, not an article from a journalist.

The reality is, I probably shouldn’t even call Grindology a “magazine” because it is truly a tactical manual. A manual that delivers real value to your entrepreneurial journey.
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