The Importance of Morning Routine

the importance of morning routines

As humans, we make around 35,000 conscious decisions every day, starting with the moment we wake up, ending with the moment we fall asleep. What if we cut down the number of daily decisions in our days? How would that impact our lives? Some people think mornings are the hardest part of the day, but many of the most influential people in the world know a secret: true success comes down to a morning routine. Changing a few habits in your morning routine can lead to a more positive and successful life.

Routines aren’t just good for productivity but can help enhance the quality of life. Researchers have now proven that a daily routine can help better one’s energy levels as well as physical and mental health. 

Finding your why

When your alarm clock went off this morning, did you hit snooze, or were you up before the first beep? Questioning the why in getting up for the day is one of the biggest factors to one’s success. Why are you starting the day? For your child? For your spouse? Are you getting up for you?

The importance of a morning routine
If we start to unravel this question, the answer may motivate our lives in ways we didn’t know existed. Answering this question begins to give us the sense of knowing there’s a “higher power,” something pushing us to succeed for the day ahead. Everyone’s morning routine consists of practices that they consciously or unconsciously do; they wake up, brush their teeth, eat breakfast, drive their kids to school, their body creates the same pattern every day without second-guessing it. But with a few subtle changes, routine actions can transform into a collection of practices that help set up a day for success.

Exercise - early morning sweat means mental clarity 

Hitting the gym always seems to sound a lot harder than it is in reality. A few minutes of exercise a day has proven to have a drastic impact on our bodies, mindset, and success. The health benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore and are beneficial for every body type. But does it matter what time of the day we exercise?

Working out in the morning is an excellent way to establish a routine. Once a routine becomes established, you’ll be a lot less likely to skip a session at the gym. Researchers have proven that it takes 66 days for a routine to become an automatic habit, after two months of working out in the morning, going to the gym will be as regular as having a shower. 

Morning Exericise

It takes energy to workout, but hitting the gym also helps our bodies feel energized in the morning, preparing us for a successful day ahead. We receive mental clarity after getting a little sweat pumping through our veins as well as feeling happier due to the endorphins our bodies let off. With the endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine that are being released from our bodies during a workout, a sense of peace comes over us, bringing a happier and more optimistic day ahead.

Not only are we setting a day up for success by working out in the A.M., but we are helping improve our sleep quality for the night. Exercising in the morning will benefit our sleep schedule more than exercising at night. When we get our heart pumping, it releases endorphins, and working out at night could make it harder to fall asleep. And if a full night’s sleep wasn’t accomplished, then a morning routine might be harder to obtain. 

Mediation - start your day with silence

Silence is such a lost idea in the day and age we live in now. Most of us find silence in those moments we wake up in the morning or those few minutes of peace and quiet in the shower. But when we head to our phones to check updates and emails seconds after waking, our bodies are entering into a hectic routine which will cause more stress and anxiety throughout the day.

As we learn more about how the brain works, we learn a few quiet moments in the morning to help send gamma waves to the right side of our brains, this helps alleviate stress. 

Morning Meditation

If we wanted to switch up one thing in a morning routine that would be the most beneficial, it would be leaving our phones on the nightstand just a few minutes longer. Giving ourselves the freedom and ability to wake up in a relaxed environment. The American Psychological Association did a study, and it reported that “nearly all American adults are suffering from moderate to high stress.” We get so overwhelmed with the huge list of ”to-dos“ every day that we forget to take some quiet time out for ourselves.”

Some people tend to believe that they don’t have enough time for meditation, but even five minutes makes a difference, those five minutes can help set a calm tone for the rest of the day. Other morning meditation benefits include building focus, an overall sense of well being 

as well as more energy, and we could all use a little more energy to get through our daily tasks.

The actual act of meditation causes the pituitary gland in our brains to secrete endorphins. This helps enhance our mind to be free and clear before the day’s stresses start to creep in.

Choices and decisions

Time is one of the most valued resources we have, only because once lost, it is irrecoverable. By following a morning routine, we free up time that would otherwise be spent planning or making decisions. Building a successful morning routine will help set up the foundations to live a longer, happier, and more successful life.

When tasks and activities become routine, it reduces the chance that we may procrastinate doing them. Once we do something a few days in a row, it becomes routine to the point that we don’t have to consciously think about doing it, it just kind of gets done. Creating daily habits reduces our time and the option of procrastination, which will give us more time and energy to focus on the things that will help us become more of a success.

limit decisions in the morning

Many entrepreneurs have realized that too many decisions are made within a day, and have figured out ways to cut back, starting with their morning routine. Most spend their first 3 hours of being awake the same way each day, in a routine designed to set them up for a proactive day. But a decision that a few very successful entrepreneurs have managed to do might save a lot more time for readers, and that’s what they wear.

What do you feel comfortable in? What do you feel most confident in? Could you wear the same thing every day? Some entrepreneurs have bought multiples of their few favorite items; shirts, pants, and shoes, and have decided that’s what they are wearing every day. How long would you say you spend looking for an outfit every day? Do you feel more confident in some clothing rather than others? Limiting clothing options in the morning is a great way to start instantly cutting back on some decision making while setting a morning up for success.

Stay inspired

Two minds are often better than one, and three minds are often better than two. We need to continuously fill our days with inspiration from others around us as well as take advantage of the resources we have in the digital world. Inspiration can come from different places, and sometimes a fresh set of eyes is exactly what is needed to correct a mistake and turn it into a million-dollar idea.

Spend a few minutes every morning, gaining inspiration from others. Sign up for an email newsletter, scroll your social media for motivation quotes from success stories, or grab a book and read for a few minutes every day. It is amazing what a few words of encouragement and positive reinforcement can do to a morning. A small bit of shared wisdom can make us feel better, make us see things differently, and also can uplift one’s day in a new confident way.

stay inspired

The consistency of a morning routine could mean the difference between an easy, productive, successful day, and a stressed out, procrastination of a day. Once we answer the “why for getting up,” the rest of our day will make a lot more sense, and our urgency will become much clearer. Exercise and mediation are two key aspects in a morning routine as they give us the mental clarity and focus to drive the rest of the day’s decisions. 

35,000 decisions in a day seem like a task in it’s-self, so once a concrete plan for a morning routine has been created, mornings will become the easiest part of your day. Success comes from commitment. If we can get into a habit of our mornings being the same way with the same routine, we can start a commitment with ourselves. “The best of intentions and the best thought out plans mean nothing without a commitment to take action.” 


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